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Easy Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home

Apr 10

Household pests are a common issue that every homeowner must remain on guard against. With every changing season, there are new pests that will try to invade a home in an attempt to find food, water and shelter. While many of these pests may seem innocuous at first, they can quickly begin to cause problems for a person’s health as well as their property. To avoid the problems that bugs can cause, it is best to keep them from coming into your home in the first place. Here, are three easy ways to keep bugs out of your home all year long.


Keep Kitchen Areas Clean

Bugs, such as ants and cockroaches, are very attracted to the prospect of finding an easy meal. Often, household bugs can smell food from very far away and will enter a home in the hopes of taking a few tasty treats back to their nests. For this reason, you will want to make sure to take trash out to the curb regularly and keep it covered until it is picked up. Sweeping and mopping the kitchen area daily are also two thing Huntington Beach control recommend as ways to keep bugs out.


Seal Exterior Cracks

A bug has to have a way to enter your home before they can begin to set up a nest. This is especially true during the heat of summer when they will attempt to enter your home to find a water source and relief from the heat. When sealing cracks, it is important to remember that many bugs can fit through the smallest of crevices. Therefore, you will need to seal any areas that appear to be a place where a bug might attempt to come through. These will usually be found around windows, doors and other entry-points.


Have a Seasonal Inspection

Even with the highest level of precautions, it is always possible for a bug or two to slip through a forgotten crack in an attempt to gain access to a morsel of food left behind by your broom. Additionally, seasonal pests will often require an additional set of precautions. By having a seasonal inspection done by a qualified professional, such as Long Beach pest control, you will be able to create a plan to keep your home bug-free so that your family and property will remain safe.

5 most poisonous spiders found in California, Yikes!

Mar 20

California is well known for its beautiful beaches and sunshine. Humans are not the only creatures to appreciate the climate, however. Several kinds of venomous spiders also make their home here. Surf City Pest Control provides Huntington Beach pest control or Long Beach pest control to keep your home safe from these unwelcome intruders.


Black Widow


One of the most venomous spiders in North America is the black widow. This spider is found throughout California and other states. It is famous for its glossy black body and hourglass-shaped design, which is usually red, on its abdomen. These spiders like privacy and hide out in closets, garages, attics and other areas where they feel safe. Their venom contains a powerful neurotoxin, which can cause severe muscle cramps, vomiting, weakness and other symptoms. In some cases, the bites are fatal. Whether you need Huntington Beach pest control or Long Beach pest control, professional exterminators know where these spiders like to hide and can eliminate them for you.


Brown Widow


In recent years, the Brown Widow population has increased in California. This brown spider shares many traits with the black widow. It has the hourglass design, it prefers to nest in the same areas and it is venomous – however, the bite of the brown widow is less toxic.


Wolf Spider


These large spiders easily hide in sand or yard debris that matches their natural grey or brown camouflage. They are aggressive and, because of their size and their bite, can be intimidating. Bites from a wolf spider are painful and can remain painful and inflamed for up to two week.


Yellow Sac Spider


This spider is a small yellow spider that makes its home in corners and behind furniture. Although its bite is not fatal, it is painful and very common.




California is home to a few recluse spiders, including the desert recluse, the Arizona recluse and the Chilean recluse. These spiders are usually tan, golden or grey color. The bite from a recluse can lead to tissue death in the bite area. These bites usually take a long time to heal and there can be complications.


The best way to avoid health complications from spider bites is to prevent the bites. This means taking action to make your home a spider-free zone. To get rid of spiders, contact Surf City for Huntington Beach pest control.

Most Obvious Signs That You Have Termites

Mar 13

When you are living in California and you believe you may have an infestation of termites, there are a few obvious signs to look out for that can prove you need to begin treating them or that you should hire a professional service to help. If you want to know whether or not you have an infestation of termites, staying alert and self aware as well as getting knowledgeable on the pests will help you to resolve the infestation as quickly as possible. Once you have verified you have termites in your home, looking into Los Angeles pest control or even Orange County pest control services is one way for you to ensure the mites will not return again once they are treated.


Spotting the Termites


Checking damp locations and crevices in your home is one way to actually view the termites that are in your house yourself. Termites like to live within walls and often do so through areas that are easy to access, wooden and oftentimes, damp.


Wood Damage


When you notice that you have wood damage throughout your home from biting, digging and chewing, you may have a severe termite infestation that needs to be treated as quickly as possible. Spotting wood damage is often a sign that the termites have infested your home and have been living in your wood for weeks, months and even years. The quicker you spot the termites in your home, the easier it will be to rid the mites from coming back again.


Seeking Professional Help


Seeking Los Angeles pest control and Orange County pest control services is possible by asking for referrals in LA or Orange County from family and friends as well as by conducting your own research online. Finding Orange County pest control services online and those available in Los Angeles allows you to compare all of the options you have available and the types of professional experience each company provides. Surf City Pest Control is the company that provides Los Angeles pest control services for a wide variety of pests and even rodents depending on the type of infestation you are dealing with in your home.

Health Risks with Cockroaches? – Long Beach Pest Control

Feb 13

Most people know that cockroaches are kind of creepy and they are definitely very gross. They get into your house and they breed there and you can’t seem to get rid of them no matter how hard you try. But did you know how dangerous they can actually be? We’re not talking about when you fall trying to get away from them. We’re talking about what cockroaches can do to your health and that of your entire family. Well if you don’t know then you’ll definitely want to and then you’ll want the number of a Long Beach pest control company right away.

For starters, cockroaches can cause an increase in allergies and asthma symptoms. So if anyone in your family has troubles with these breathing problems they may get worse. And those are the mild health problems. The more serious ones are the bacteria and worms that are transmitted. Cockroaches can actually pass on several different types of worms through their droppings and themselves in general. Thinking about that Long Beach pest control now? Well think about what brings those cockroaches in.

There are certain types of conditions that cause cockroaches to attract to your home. Some of these are dirty dishes piled in the sink or garbage in the home, which provide food for the cockroaches. Having cracks outside of your house can allow these roaches to get in and infest your entire home. It doesn’t take many to turn your home into a nest. And once they’ve made their nest, they aren’t likely to leave anytime soon. And then you and your family are left to suffer the consequences of increased health problems from allergies to food poisoning, and over 30 different types of bacteria, worms and pathogens. By getting Long Beach pest control, you’ll be able to get rid of those pests quickly so they can’t hurt you and your family.

Common Ants in Orange County Pest Control

Feb 06

When you have a home of your own the last thing that you want is insects making their nests in it. You don’t want all those nasty bugs climbing around in your walls and especially not through your kitchen. Well there are many different types of insects around that you always think of as pests like cockroaches and earwigs. But what about those insects you normally don’t think of like ants? Ants are generally seen outside and a lot of people don’t have problems with them. But in California there are several kinds of ants that you’ll definitely want Orange County pest control to take care of.

The most common ant species’ in California include the odorous house, argentine, pharaoh, carpenter, pavement, red imported fire, southern fire and thief ants. All of these can be found throughout California and they can be a nuisance for several different reasons. Each looks a little different and you may be able to tell them apart, which can help you in getting rid of them when they are discovered. Because once you know what type of pests they are, you’ll want to hire Orange County pest control immediately to make sure they’re gone.

Ants feed on sugary foods like syrup, honey, and fruit. If you’ve ever gone on a picnic you’ve probably experienced this firsthand because the ants love to join you and make a meal out of your watermelon and desserts. But when they are in your home, ants will seek out these foods as well. And where a few ants go, the entire colony will follow. So a few ants today could be twice as many the next day and twice that the next. The number you see will continue to grow.

Another problem with ants is that they burrow. That means that they tunnel under the ground and, in some cases, through things like wood. So ants can actually burrow their way into your home causing holes throughout the foundation and the structure. This causes your homes foundation to be weakened and can cause structural failures. So even those tiny ants can cause enormous damage to your home.

And last of all, any ant has the potential to bite. Most don’t do this however some have a painful bite and others are actually able to sting. That means that an ant, small as it is, could hurt you or your family if it gets in your home. Getting Orange County Pest control to your home to spray will help you to get rid of them quickly.

What to Expect Before Newport Beach Pest Control Services

Feb 06

When you’re looking for Newport Beach pest control there are some things you should know. Of course you know that there is going to be an exterminator coming into your home and they are going to spray your house on the outside and possibly set off some type of bug bomb on the inside. But do you know what’s going to happen before they show up and do those things? Well the first thing they are going to do is talk to you about your problem.

The Newport Beach pest control company that you hire will want to know about your pest problem and how bad it is before they even come out. This will give them an idea of what they are going to need so that they can be prepared the very first time they set foot in your house. Otherwise they have to show up and hope they have the right equipment. For example what if your pests are mice and they show up ready to get rid of cockroaches? That wouldn’t work at all. So you’ll need to tell them what you have to prepare them.

When they show up at your home they will walk through the place before they even start doing anything. Sometimes you can even get a pest control expert to come and look around your house for a completely free quote. Then they will tell you the extent of the problem, what they think will be needed, and how much it will cost. This allows you to be prepared and it also allows the Newport Beach pest control experts to get a better idea of what they are going to need to do. Only after this will they start getting out equipment and clearing your home of pests.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Huntington Beach Pest Control

Jan 23

If you’re looking to save money there are probably a lot of things that you do for yourself. You might mow your own lawn instead of hiring someone to do it for you. Maybe you cut your children’s hair to avoid taking them to a barber. But one thing you don’t want to do for yourself is pest control. If you try it for yourself, you’ll see that it takes a lot of work and you never get done. Because just when you think you have them all … there’s more. That’s why you want to hire a professional Huntington Beach pest control expert.

So why do you want to hire a Hunting beach pest control professional? Well the first reason is that they know what they’re doing. They’ve been trained to get rid of the pests in your home. So they know what works and what doesn’t, whereas you’ll simply have to work on trial and error. They also know how to tell what pests are in your home so they can tailor the job to those pests.

Another reason to hire Huntington Beach control is that the pests stay gone. That’s because pest control experts have high quality pesticides that have a longer life than anything you’re able to buy no matter where you go. So when they spray your house it really does put down a barrier to pests and insects. And if that pesticide doesn’t work there’s usually some type of guarantee from the company so they come back and spray again.

And yet another benefit is that you will be safer. Think about it, do you really want to deal with a nest full of angry bees? Well a pest control expert knows how to deal with that nest without getting hurt. Meanwhile you, on your own, could end up getting stung … a lot.

Saving money is good. But if you’re cutting corners in the wrong places, like do it yourself pest control, you should really rethink hiring a Huntington Beach control professional. You’ll get a better job that lasts longer.

Los Angeles Pest Control After-Care Basics

Jan 02

So you’ve finally gotten rid of all those little insects that kept invading your home or business. You’ve used sprays or traps or Los Angeles pest control to help you get rid of everything from ants to cockroaches and maybe even larger pests. And now you’re completely done and you don’t ever have to worry about those bugs again right? Wrong. Pests can come back no matter how many times you think you’ve taken care of them unless you make sure you’re doing the right aftercare.

There are several things that you can do in order to make your home or business less attractive to less accessible to insects and other pests. The first thing that Los Angeles pest control experts will tell you, is to make sure they can’t get in. If you have cracks in your walls or foundation you want to make sure that you fix them right away. Even the smallest crack could be an easy way in for insects or even mice. Seal the cracks with a putty or caulk. Make sure it’s something that the insects can’t simply burrow through.

The next thing is to make sure the outside is less attractive. That means making sure that you don’t have garbage lying around outside and that your trash cans all have lids that fit snug. This ensures that nothing can get into the can and they won’t be able to get food. This leads into what you’re going to do on the inside of the building as well.

You want to keep all food hidden and covered. That means if you have some leftover snacks, make sure you seal them up in a container so pests can’t get to them. Keep as much as possible in the fridge or tightly sealed cupboards. And make sure everything is in sealed containers. When the pests can’t get in and they can’t get food, they’ll go somewhere else, and you’ll have fewer problems to deal with. Then you won’t have to worry about hiring Los Angeles pest control again.

Why Hire an Orange County Pest Control Expert and not DIY

Dec 21

The appeal of DIY is clear – saving money! But you wouldn’t try to perform surgery on yourself (or maybe you would!), and that’s why it pays to at least have a consultation with an Orange County pest control professional before you start.

Dangerous Chemicals

There are certain chemicals that are on the schedule, meaning that you have to be licensed to possess them. Different poisons that treat pest infestations require respirators, special handling and training to use successfully and without injury. Even if you could find a supplier that would give you what you need to treat your problem, you may not be able to use them properly. A Huntington Beach pest control professional have the qualifications to handle and properly use the chemicals.

Some Pests are a Symptom of a Bigger Problem

If you have spiders or centipedes for example you may have a larger pest problem that you can’t see. Centipedes and spiders are both notorious “pest predator” – if you see their numbers expanding it’s time to call a California pest control professional! This state in particular is home to a range of pests that may not only cause structural damage but can harbor all manner of disease as well.

There’s No Such Thing as a Simple Pest

Simple pest problems don’t exist – where there’s one there’s another ten hiding behind the wall. Don’t get stuck with a problem you can’t handle! When you work with the right Orange County pest control company you’re going to get all the help you need to get a handle on your pest problems. You’ll also get something you won’t with any DIY measures: a money back guarantee.

10 Most Common Pest Issues in California

Dec 15

No one likes to deal with pests, but when it comes to states with pest issues California is king! With the California right pest control you’ll be able to deal with virtually any pest year round. Huntington Beach pests pose a threat to homes, individuals and the beautiful scenery here. Orange County Pest Control experts handle a number or pesky invaders  Let’s look at the 10 most common household pests you’ll find in the Golden State.

Pests that Pose a Threat to Humans and Pets:

  • Ants – Ants are the number one pests in homes and the top reason people call on pest control. They thrive wherever they can find food and water – making conditions inhospitable for them will always solve the problem.
  • Bedbugs – Blood sucking parasitic insects are no fun – especially when they take over your home. You’ll need special care to get rid of them for good.
  • Bees and Wasps – Bees and wasps pose a serious threat; they’re social creatures and attack in swarms. Controlling hives before they grow too hard to handle is the best step.
  • Spiders – Some spiders are beneficial, but if you notice large numbers of spiders in your home (especially dangerous recluse spiders), it’s a sign of a hidden pest control issue. Take care of it soon.
  • Conenose Bugs – Another blood sucking parasitic insect like fleas and bedbugs. These are nocturnal and inflict damage while you’re asleep.
  • Fleas – Fleas come in many varieties, but in the state of California Cat Fleas are the most common. Control measures should be taken early in the year before flea populations have a chance to establish themselves in or near your home by April/May.

Pests that Pose a Threat to Gardens, Homes and Other Structures

  • Roaches – These creepy crawlers won’t just creep you out, they can also destroy your home. Master scavengers can consume any sort of glucose and cellulose, destroying homes.
  • Mice – Mice are actually the most expensive rodent pest control faces in North America. Some mice (field and deer mice) carry the Hantavirus which can kill.
  • Termites – Termites are small insects that create destruction to wood structures (sometimes confused with carpenter bees that cause more superficial damage). They also attack furniture, stored food and anything else that they can get ahold of.

If you encounter any of these pests, please contact our Huntington Beach Pest control office today.

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