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“Bee” Informed About Stings

Sep 27

Southern California is known for fun in the sun all year round, with a temperate climate and lush greenery at all times. This great weather is always welcome, but can cause some unwelcome guests to stay around longer. Orange County pest control company, Surf City Pest Control knows that bees and wasps are active all year because of the climate in California and their knowledgeable experience says that while these insects seem like a pest, they are necessary to our biosphere. Because negative interactions can occur, it is important to know how to treat bee or wasp stings.


In general, bees and wasps are insects that only sting when they or their hive are threatened, so avoiding hives whenever possible is the ideal solution. But sometimes people get stung, which results in an instant burning pain followed by a welt and small white spot, pinpointing the puncture. Most stings are painless within a few hours, but about 10% experience an exaggerated reaction that can increase swelling and redness. Even this resolves itself after 5-10 days. A rare percentage of the population experience anaphylaxis (allergic reaction) and require medical treatment.


According to Los Angeles pest control experts at Surf City Pest Control, the best ways to avoid being stung include:

  • Trim vegetation near your home. Bees are particularly drawn to flowering plants and thick plant growths provide nesting places for wasps.
  • Over-seeding grassy areas for better coverage, makes sure that ground-nesting wasps don’t appear in your yard.
  • Keep garbage cans sealed and rinse sweet, sticky soda cans as these can attract both wasps and bees.


If you are stung, Long Beach pest control professionals suggest:

  • Immediately remove the stinger from the skin, as the venom sac attached can continually leak irritant for several seconds.
  • Clean the area with soap and cold water.
  • Apply a cold compact or ice. NSAIDs can help reduce swelling, as well as using an antihistamine and hydrocortisone ointment.
  • People should seek emergency medical assistance if they experience wheezing, dizziness, tongue and throat swelling, as these are typically signs of anaphylaxis.

Diatomaceous Earth: Eco-Friendly Remedy for Pest Control

Sep 26

The major players like ants, spiders, and houseflies are uncomfortable enough to deal with, but the fear of the unseen pests like fleas, ticks, and bedbugs can be overwhelming. The best place to start is outside; prevention is the best medicine. But what do you do with the pests that have already found their way into your home? Simple–use one product that takes care of both areas. The eco-friendly and all natural pest control powder, Diatomoaceous earth.


Food-grade Diatomaceous earth is composed of fossilized particles of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae.  The chalky powder is completely harmless to humans, animals, and soil because it works as a mechanical, not chemical, killer. Diatomaceous earth clings to the bodies of insects as they crawl over it. The tiny particles of dust penetrate the waxy coating protecting the insects’ bodies and they die from dehydration.


The food-grade Diatomaceous earth is so safe it can be sprinkled around your vegetable garden or right into your pets’ fur. But be sure not confuse it with the non-food-grade Diatomaceous earth which can be very dangerous.


To order or find out about other eco-friendly pest control products visit Surf City Pest Control. We are in business to provide all of your needs for Orange County pest control. We also service Los Angeles pest control and Huntington Beach Pest Control. Click here or call us today at (714) 655-1947.

Just go “Surfing,” we’ll take care of the pests

Aug 23

Surf City Pest Control has gained a reputation as the Los Angeles pest control service that more home and business owners contact in order to receive quick, efficient and affordable solutions for all of their pest control problems. Our company is the recognized leader, handling Orange County pest control projects to the south of Los Angeles, and extending all the way west to service Long Beach pest control clients and as far south as Newport Beach pest control needs in addition to being the best resource for Huntington Beach control over pest invasions.

Why hire a professional service like Surf City Pest Control? Pests ranging from rats and mice to fleas, spiders and other flying insects create the potential for illness and health problems for every resident of a building infested with these uninvited creatures. Our skilled and professionally trained technicians know the most environmentally safe and cost effective ways to make your residence fortified against future pest invasions and at the same time eliminating any nests set up by current pest intruders.

When tackled as a do-it-yourself project, amateurs run the risk of using the wrong type of chemical agents, chemicals in the wrong volume or pest control substances that can cause more harm than good. Whether you require Los Angeles pest control, Long Beach pest control or Orange County pest control, a professional service guarantees that you will receive the safest solution to a wide range of pest problems with no harmful chemical residues left behind that can adversely affect children, pets, the elderly or residents who suffer from allergies and sensitivity to other pollutants.

Using the services of Surf City Pest Control saves you money because we guarantee results from any visit we make to eradicate existing pests in addition to preventing their reappearance. We also save you time because using our service is much more efficient that your spending time guessing at uncertain homemade solutions to your pest problems. The best advantage to using our professional pest control service is the peace of mind you will have knowing that all pest issues and problems have been addressed, resulting in your home and adjacent property being clean and pest free.

Environmental Benefits of Pest Control

Aug 15

Anyone who has ever dealt with a Los Angeles pest control problem understands how quickly these situations can get out of control. While the initial concern is the creepy feeling homeowners have when sharing their living quarters with unwanted guests, there are health and environmental concerns to be aware of as well. Anyone struggling with Orange County pest control should contact the professionals sooner rather than later.

Pests Outside Can Damage Vegetation
One of the biggest environmental hazards posed by unwanted pests is the fact that large quantities of bugs can quickly destroy the vegetation around your home. It takes the skilled control methods of an experienced exterminator in Huntington Beach to eradicate these types of problems. Those who enjoy gardening can quickly find that infestations kill the very plants and vegetables they are trying to produce. Worst of all, there are a plethora of diseases that can be spread if you grow food items in your garden.

Damage Control
Another issue that arises when an infestation manifests is the fact that large quantities of bugs can cause damage to your home. For example, cockroaches like dark, warm environments, and the inside of electronic items provide the perfect grounds for them to congregate. Appliances such as refrigerators can become damaged as the small bugs make their home within its structure. Other appliances at risk include televisions, stereos and computers.

Health Hazard
Failing to hire for Long Beach pest control can easily wind people living within the residence in the hospital. These critters infiltrate the food supply of the household, and they often carry diseases. Worst yet, infestations of poisonous bugs such as spiders can result in hazardous bites that could prove fatal in certain circumstances.

Don’t Delay on Newport Beach Pest Control
The best time to conquer your pest control problem is now. When given time, even a seemingly small bug problem can get out of control. Surf City Pest Control offers an array of services, and no job is too big for us to handle. Call our professional, friendly staff today and let us get to work eradicating your problem.

How to Treat Bugs Behind the Siding

Jul 17

Among the many benefits that siding can offer a home, one of the best is protection from the weather and the invasion of pests. However, there are several common pests that can occasionally get behind your siding and begin to cause a problem for the home. Wasps, beetles and ants are a few of the most common pests that can be found behind your siding. Unfortunately, when they are left untreated, they can lead to costly structural damage. If you are concerned about bugs behind your siding, then here are the best methods to identify and treat common pests.


Identifying a Problem

Bugs hiding behind your siding can be difficult to see. However, Huntington beach control experts recommend examining your siding for signs of an insect invasion. During warmer weather, you may see the actual insects crawling behind the cracks in your siding. You may also notice staining, nests or waste that has been left behind by the insects. Tapping on the siding can also cause the insects to come out of hiding. Once you have identified a problem, it is important to contact a pest control expert who can determine how serious the pest infestation is behind the siding along with the best method for treatment.


Treatment Methods

There are several different methods that Long Beach pest control professionals will use to treat your home. Although there are many different types of sprays and fogs available on the market for home use, these are often ineffective if used on the wrong type of pest. Therefore, you will need to rely upon a professional to use the correct treatment method for your specific issue. Once your pest control professional has arrived at your home, they will identify the type of pests behind your siding and inspect your home’s exterior to locate any cracks or holes that may serve as an entrance. Then, they will treat these areas to eliminate your pest problem.


After you have had your pest control problem treated, it may be recommended to have a regularly scheduled pest inspection several times a year to prevent pest from returning. When combined with preventative methods, regular treatments from Surf City Pest Control will eliminate pests behind your siding so that your home’s structure can be preserved.


Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellents Work?

Jul 11

They are found in hardware stores, and there are commercial versions of them available for warehouses and other large spaces. They are usually in the shape of a small box that plugs into an electrical outlet. There are even battery-powered versions available. However, the question of whether or not ultrasonic repellent devices work still remains.


What is an Ultrasonic Repellent?


It is an electronic device designed to emit sound in the ultrasonic frequency range that is undetectable by human ears. Many other mammals including pets and rodents can hear sounds in the ultrasonic range. The devices may continuously or intermittently send out ultrasonic sound waves that hopefully scare away pests without bothering pets. However, since dogs and cats can hear the ultrasonic sounds, it is unlikely a device powerful enough to scare away pests would not also scare pets. Some devices only activate when motion is detected. These are usually small battery-powered devices used outdoors to frighten away deer and other animals.


Do Ultrasonic Repellents Work?


An ultrasonic deer repellent may have limited effect due to the skittish nature of the animals in the first place. However, there are stories of warehouse units where rats were seen within the so-called effective range of the electronic repellent. Also, devices that are sold under the claim of repelling spiders and insects are very suspect. Some have reported seeing spiders build webs close to the repellent devices. Insects and spiders do not have ears. They can sense vibrations but just like any other animal, they are likely to get used to the ultrasonic pulses generated by electronic repellent devices rendering them ineffective.


What is a Real Solution for Pest Problems?


Surf City offers Los Angeles pest control and Orange County pest control services that are proven effective against rodents, insects, spiders and other pests that infest residential and commercial properties. Our pest control experts provide full services to get rid of animal pests that are plaguing any building or property. If you have tried an ultrasonic pest repellent only to find the pest problem persists, call the experts at Surf City Pest Control for effective solutions.


Signs of a Cockroach Invasion in Your Home

Jun 12

Cockroaches don’t come out to feed until dark, so an invasion might not be readily recognizable. Roaches need three things to maintain life: heat, moisture, and food. Hence, they, and their tell-tale signs, will likely be found in places with water like bathrooms and kitchens. They are flat and can hide in wallpaper, cracks in walls, underneath appliances and beneath sinks. Only in the event of an all-out invasion will cockroaches require Huntington Beach control.

Everything has to go, so the first sign of a cockroach invasion in your home will be black specks resembling black pepper. Larger roaches expel nuggets like rabbits do. The most common infestation, however, will be the ordinary brown cockroach. Their droppings will be found in dark spots behind appliances, beneath sinks, in dark spaces like the pantry and in corners of kitchen counters.

Another sign of infestation is small clear shell casings. These are the chambers in which the eggs are carried. The shedding of the shell casings means baby roaches have hatched and the homeowner needs serious pest control. The more casings found, the more baby roaches are roaming about. These, too, will be found in the dark spots listed above, although they can appear anywhere.

The last sign of a cockroach infestation is an unpleasant odor. Some brands of bug emit an odor. They do this as recognition of family and to attract the opposite sex. Yes, bugs do that, too. This odor is musty, as if a room has been shut off for a long time. It can cling to food left out or to dishes and pans, hence, it will be strongest in the kitchen and bathroom.

Examining a home after dark will tell homeowners much about an infestation. It is rare to see them in daylight, but if the infestation is serious, they will appear. If the feces, shell casings and odor are present, Long Beach pest control will be the homeowner’s best bet. The pest control professionals will have traps and other means of eradicating pests perhaps without chemical treatment in the case of children and pets.

Flea Prevention

Jun 05

Fleas are some of the more annoying pests you will ever encounter. It takes just one flea to start an infestation. That is why you should try to do everything you can to prevent fleas from coming into your house in the first place. Here are some flea prevention tips.

Keep Your Grass Short

One of the easiest ways to prevent fleas is to keep your grass short. If your grass is cut short, the fleas won’t have room to infest. Make sure to especially cut the grass in shady areas that stay moist. Fleas prefer moisture and can’t survive in dry conditions.

Spread Diatomaceous Dirt Over Grass

It is helpful to spread diatomaceous dirt over your grass. This type of dirt is made up of microscopic organisms and fossilized shells, which can dehydrate fleas. It’s safe for people and pets to walk on, but be careful not to inhale it.

Clean Your Home Regularly

If you want to prevent fleas, you have to clean your home regularly. Make sure to dust, mop and vacuum on a regular basis. Keeping your house squeaky clean will prevent fleas from invading it.

Take Good Care of Your Pets

Pets can often bring fleas into your home, so it is important to take good care of them. For example, you should feed your pets high-quality food that will keep them in good health. If your pets have strong immune systems, they will repel fleas. You should also give them regular baths and brush their coats often.

If you follow these helpful tips, you should be able to prevent fleas from invading your home. However, if fleas do come into your home, you should definitely contact a pest control company right away. For example, if you live in the Los Angeles area, you should contact a Los Angeles pest control company like Surf City Pest Control. This Orange County pest control company will get rid of all the fleas in your home.

Five Easiest Ways To Keep Ticks Off Your Pets

May 08

Pets can bring their owners a lot of happiness, but occasionally they can bring in a few unwanted visitors with them. Fleas and ticks are among the worst offenders, especially during the warmer months. It is easy to keep your pets free of ticks as long as you stay vigilant and take proper care of both your pets and your lawn. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed and your pets are bringing in a significant number of fleas and ticks, then it is time to call for help. The professionals over at Surf City Pest Control are highly suggested for any Long Beach pest control problems.

Monthly Tick & Flea Control Treatment
It is important to apply a monthly tick and flea control topical to your pets or feed them an oral preventative. Some people buy over the counter flea collars and medication, but these are not suggested. Frequently, the over the counter medications simply do not work as advertised or, even worse, are toxic to your pets.

Keep Your Lawn Clean
Mowing your lawn, trimming the weeds, and raking the leaves will make your yard a much less desirable home for such unwanted pests as ticks and fleas. Ticks tend to live in tall grass and weeds, so maintain a trimmed and clean lawn and those pests have no where to hide. This is generally the first defense in keeping ticks off your pets and out of your home.

Keep Your Pets Out Of Heavily Forested Areas
If you enjoy hiking and take your dog with you, make sure that he stays with you on the main trail. It is common for a dog to run off into some tall grass, then run back covered in ticks. If you live near a forest try to keep your pets from wandering off into it, as they are almost certain to come back with a few ticks.

Fence In Your Lawn
This is a great way to keep your pets from wandering off into any nearby forests. Even more importantly, it keeps other large animals from wandering onto your lawn. Raccoons from the forest or even your neighbor’s dog might have ticks and introduce them to your backyard.

Call Pest Control
If you have tried all of these tips and you still keep finding ticks or fleas on your premises, then it might be time for professional help. Surf City Pest Control is the perfect solution for getting rid of those intruders and any Huntington Beach control pest problems.

Bed bug treatment

Apr 17

If you have discovered you may have a bed bug infestation in your home or office, it is important to remedy the situation right away. Bed bugs are pesky little insects that can cause major havoc in your home environment. You can pick them up almost anywhere but the real problem is getting rid of them. Choosing the right Newport Beach pest control or Los Angeles pest control is essential at making sure you eliminate an infestation for good.


Common signs of infestation

All it takes is one little bed bug to crawl on your pant leg or other article of clothing or belongings to lead to a full blown infestation. You don’t have to be dirty or live in squalor to attract bed bugs. They can be found in hotel rooms, schools and public transportation systems. Someone else can bring a bed bug to you. If someone happens to step into your home or stay the night, they could also be bringing along a hidden guest—a pesky bed bug! The tricky thing about bed bugs is that they are very difficult to see. Some can be the size of a pin head while others can be the size of a large apple seed. They crawl, they don’t jump. They prefer to be more active at night or the early morning hours, so they are very difficult to spot. They don’t like heat so they tend to avoid coming out during the light of day. At night, they can crawl onto your skin and bite and feed for several minutes. When they bite they give off a small amount of Novocain like numbing venom that makes it almost impossible to feel. Several hours later is when you will begin to see the raised bumps from the bites as well as feel the itch from the immune response of the bite. Bed bugs are hard to treat and we suggest several methods to remedy the situation such as:


• Extermination by our pest professionals

• Heat removal in severe situations

• Removal and disposal of all infested mattresses, furniture and woodwork in severe situations


At the first sign of a bed bug infestation, don’t hesitate to call Surf City Pest Control. We will handle all of your pest needs and guarantee our work so you can go on living a bed bug free life.

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