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Long Beach Conditions Conducive to Pests & Tips for Home Owners

IPM is a proven method of pest control that emphasizes prevention practices that reduce the likelihood that pests will be attracted to your home.

IPM is an environmentally responsible system for managing pests by eliminating their sources of food, water, and shelter.

Surf City Pest Controlconcentrates on educating you, the home owner, on the IPM process and how eliminating the sources of these elements will help your home become a less desirable destination for pests. IPM greatly reduces the likelihood of a pest infestation and provides a better living environment for you and your family.

Eliminate Food Sources:

  • Clean up spills & crumbs immediately.
  • Empty house hold garbage on a regular basis.
  • Store garbage outside in clean, sealed containers.
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in sink over night.
  • Run dishwasher on a regular basis and clean drain system.
  • Don’t leave pet food in dishes over night.
  • Store all food in tightly sealed containers or refrigerator.
  • Limit eating to kitchen and dining room areas.
  • Keep kitchen clean and grease free.
  • Move and clean behind large appliances.
  • Rinse all recyclable items.

Eliminate Water Sources:

  • Fix faulty gutters and down spouts.
  • Unclog all gutters and drainage systems.
  • Direct all surface water away from structure.
  • Eliminate all standing water on property.
  • Repair faulty roofs and chimney flashing.
  • Fix clogged or slow running drains & leaky faucets.
  • Repair all leaking pipes and drains within the home.
  • Empty water trays under potted plants.
  • Check children’s toys and yard furniture for water collection.
  • Caulk all door & window frames.
  • Run dehumidifiers in damp basements & crawl spaces.
  • Install vapor barriers in dirt basements & crawl spaces.
  • Install LEAF DEFIER gutter protection system.

Eliminate Sources of Shelter & Pest Access:

  • Remove or repair all sick or dying trees.
  • Trim large tree limbs away from house, at least 12′ clearance.
  • Remove all tree stumps & wood debris.
  • Remove all compost or brush piles.
  • Store firewood far away from house, up off ground, covered and dry.
  • Trim all ornamental shrubs away from house, at least 2′ clearance.
  • Keep lawn mowed regularly and eliminate overgrowth.
  • Trim all vines & ground cover away from siding & foundation.
  • Fence or seal any access below at-grade decks.
  • Caulk all window & door frames, seal cracks in foundations.
  • Repair & Screen all attic & crawl space vents.
  • Eliminate all wood to soil contacts, maintain 6″-8″ of exposed foundation.
  • Seal all openings around pipe, conduit, A/C line, and cable & phone lines.
  • Repair or replace all rotted wooden members; decks, RR ties, sill plates, window & door frames.
  • Install CHIMNEY CAPS on all exposed flues.
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