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Pest Control Fumigation Preparation Instructions

In order to provide our customers with the best and most efficient service, we have provided a checklist that should be completed before our fumigation team arrives at your residence:

  • Surf City Termite & Pest Control fumigation team requires access to every room; please unlock doors and windows prior to fumigation process.
  • Law requires that the key to your residence must be left on the property, no exceptions.
  • We require a signed contract prior to fumigation (please note payment is due upon completion). Fumigation notices must be signed and sent to us prior to fumigation.
  • Plant and roof releases (regardless of roof type- composition, rock, tile, shake, slate, flat, pitch or wood shingles) must be signed and returned before the fumigation process.
  • Please water all outside plants 12 inches and closer to the foundation the evening before fumigation. Also remove all interior  and exterior potted and hanging plants.
  • If distinct property lines are not visible by markers or fence, then a release must be signed by neighbor.
  • Remove all pets (including fish and birds) and notify neighbors who have outdoor pets about fumigation.
  • Remove all mattresses enveloped in plastic cover and open zippered plastic clothes bags prior to fumigation.
  • Food and medicine must be bagged or removed from property (see instructions) if fumigators must bag food a $25 fee will be applied per bag used or food will be thrown away.
  • Remove cars from garage/carports. If cars cannot be moved, leave windows, and/or doors open. As well as the trunk.
  • Please remove any valuables such as cash, jewelry, furs, etc., prior to the fumigation.
  • If property is vacant, electricity must be on, no exceptions.
  • Leave an emergency phone number in case we encounter problems and need to notify you.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner, occupant or homeowner’s agent to have all items on this checklist done before the crew arrives; failure to do so may postpone the fumigation.

Our crews must fumigate several structures in various locations each day. Therefore, any time of day the fumigation is scheduled will be an approximate time only!

If it is necessary to meet the crew to provide access to your property or remit signed notices, please make plans to arrive within 15 minutes of the fumigator’s arrival. Call the office if you expect a longer delay.

In case of rain, strong winds or any unforeseen event the job may have to be postponed for a later date.

As per the Agricultural Department, if the temperature at the property is below 40۫ºF, the fumigation CANNOT be performed and the process will be postponed for a later date.

Be sure to read beforehand the Occupants Fumigation Notice and Disclaimer. The notice goes over all of the above items in detail. It also includes terms and conditions and liabilities.

For further questions or concerns, please contact our office. We will be happy to assist you. Thank you for choosing us for your fumigation needs.

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