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We Service L.A., O.C., Parts of Riverside & Parts of the Valley

Surf City Pest Control Guarantee

Surf City Pest Control offers specialized residential services designed to meet the needs of our clients. With over 65 years’ experience serving L.A. and O.C homes, we offer a full range of programs, such as insect and rodent management programs, bird exclusion and small animal trapping. Our service professionals are highly trained and certified to protect all types of establishments.

As a Surf City Pest Control client you can depend on:

  • Guaranteed Service: The Job Will Be Done Right The First Time… Every Time!
  • A knowledgeable staff: We have thoroughly trained efficient and courteous service professionals and office personnel.
  • Quality, compliant service: Our superior service reflects your building’s specific needs and complies with all applicable government regulations.
  • Rapid response times: We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to your needs quickly; whether you call us in the morning or afternoon, we’ll be there when you need us.
  • Emergency service: Should you need help immediately, we offer same-day emergency service.
  • Accurate record keeping: We maintain and file all records pertaining to the application and use of pesticides as required by national and state regulations.
  • Surveillance: We will thoroughly inspect the premises to find the exact nature of any concerns, new developments and progress from our last visit.
  • Discussion: A Surf City Pest Control professional will discuss their findings with you after their inspection. This includes comments about sanitation or pests that have the potential to easily enter your building.
  • Treatment: From traps to targeted chemical applications, we use a variety of techniques to protect your property. Our service professionals move objects, treat cracks and voids, set traps, and provide you with any additional instructions.
  • Maintenance: With our contractual service, our service professionals will visit on a regular basis to ensure that the methods are working and address any concerns you may have.
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