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5 most poisonous spiders found in California, Yikes!

California is well known for its beautiful beaches and sunshine. Humans are not the only creatures to appreciate the climate, however. Several kinds of venomous spiders also make their home here. Surf City Pest Control provides Huntington Beach pest control or Long Beach pest control to keep your home safe from these unwelcome intruders.


Black Widow


One of the most venomous spiders in North America is the black widow. This spider is found throughout California and other states. It is famous for its glossy black body and hourglass-shaped design, which is usually red, on its abdomen. These spiders like privacy and hide out in closets, garages, attics and other areas where they feel safe. Their venom contains a powerful neurotoxin, which can cause severe muscle cramps, vomiting, weakness and other symptoms. In some cases, the bites are fatal. Whether you need Huntington Beach pest control or Long Beach pest control, professional exterminators know where these spiders like to hide and can eliminate them for you.


Brown Widow


In recent years, the Brown Widow population has increased in California. This brown spider shares many traits with the black widow. It has the hourglass design, it prefers to nest in the same areas and it is venomous – however, the bite of the brown widow is less toxic.


Wolf Spider


These large spiders easily hide in sand or yard debris that matches their natural grey or brown camouflage. They are aggressive and, because of their size and their bite, can be intimidating. Bites from a wolf spider are painful and can remain painful and inflamed for up to two week.


Yellow Sac Spider


This spider is a small yellow spider that makes its home in corners and behind furniture. Although its bite is not fatal, it is painful and very common.




California is home to a few recluse spiders, including the desert recluse, the Arizona recluse and the Chilean recluse. These spiders are usually tan, golden or grey color. The bite from a recluse can lead to tissue death in the bite area. These bites usually take a long time to heal and there can be complications.


The best way to avoid health complications from spider bites is to prevent the bites. This means taking action to make your home a spider-free zone. To get rid of spiders, contact Surf City for Huntington Beach pest control.

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