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5 Signs You Desperately Need a Pest Professional

1. You’re still finding new bites< You’ve researched, cleaned, sprayed, and still keep discovering new itchy spots on your skin. It’s time for professional help, especially if the problem is bed bugs. 95% of pest professionals say they’ve responded to a bed bug infestation in the last year, up from 25% in 2000. http://www.pestworld.org/all-things-bed-bugs/history-of-bed-bugs/bed-bug-facts-statistics/ Bed bugs are a rapidly spreading problem and should be handled quickly. 2.Using pesticides, still finding pests If relentlessly tracking every stray morsel of food and putting down traps hasn't kept ants from your kitchen, or termites keep returning to where they’re causing damage, bring in reinforcements. Wasting too many resources on ineffective solutions early on can make the problem much more costly in the long run. 3.You don’t know where the bugs are getting into your home from After searching your home inside and out and sealing all known insect entry points, pests are still making their way into your living space. A Huntington Beach pest control provider would walk your property and notice areas being exploited by insects that most residents would not. A pest control specialist can even detect factors that are attracting insects in the first place. Eliminating lures and household entry points is critical to any home pest treatment program, and a professional will make that plan as effective as possible. 4.You’re about to have new occupants A household which is about to take on new members should definitely be free of pests. More people, more stuff in the home is just going to make future treatments more difficult, costly, and time-consuming. Perhaps worst of all, it needlessly adds more infested individuals to the situation. Better to first contact a Newport Beach pest control specialist. 5. It’s move out time Why would anyone want to bring their problems from their last housing experience with them? Accidentally taking pests from one dwelling to another is a great way to make a move even more expensive, and is certain to upset new neighbors, roommates, and property managers.

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