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Bed bug treatment

If you have discovered you may have a bed bug infestation in your home or office, it is important to remedy the situation right away. Bed bugs are pesky little insects that can cause major havoc in your home environment. You can pick them up almost anywhere but the real problem is getting rid of them. Choosing the right Newport Beach pest control or Los Angeles pest control is essential at making sure you eliminate an infestation for good.


Common signs of infestation

All it takes is one little bed bug to crawl on your pant leg or other article of clothing or belongings to lead to a full blown infestation. You don’t have to be dirty or live in squalor to attract bed bugs. They can be found in hotel rooms, schools and public transportation systems. Someone else can bring a bed bug to you. If someone happens to step into your home or stay the night, they could also be bringing along a hidden guest—a pesky bed bug! The tricky thing about bed bugs is that they are very difficult to see. Some can be the size of a pin head while others can be the size of a large apple seed. They crawl, they don’t jump. They prefer to be more active at night or the early morning hours, so they are very difficult to spot. They don’t like heat so they tend to avoid coming out during the light of day. At night, they can crawl onto your skin and bite and feed for several minutes. When they bite they give off a small amount of Novocain like numbing venom that makes it almost impossible to feel. Several hours later is when you will begin to see the raised bumps from the bites as well as feel the itch from the immune response of the bite. Bed bugs are hard to treat and we suggest several methods to remedy the situation such as:


• Extermination by our pest professionals

• Heat removal in severe situations

• Removal and disposal of all infested mattresses, furniture and woodwork in severe situations


At the first sign of a bed bug infestation, don’t hesitate to call Surf City Pest Control. We will handle all of your pest needs and guarantee our work so you can go on living a bed bug free life.

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