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Bed Bug’s Secret Weapon

Newport pest control company, Surf City Pest Control wanted you to know:

There has been a recent surge in reported bed bug infestations around the country, the increasing infestations have caused a recent surge in chemical and biological studies as well. In an effort to abate the blood-sucking creepy-crawlers, the scientists at Washington State University have discovered that the bed bug is unaffected by pesticides.

The reason for their survival in the face of chemical pesticides is found in the bed bug’s touch outer shell, or cuticle. WSU scientists have discovered 14 genes, most in the cuticle, that in various combinations allow the parasite to resist pyrethroid-type insecticides. The genes actively block or slow the insecticide from reaching the nerve cells where it can kill the insect. This unique adaptation is not found in cockroaches, termites, ants or other insects.

Because of its resistance to chemical inhibitors, the bed bug can be effectively managed with a combination of pesticides and other, common-sense measures. Your Los Angeles pest control experts at Surf City Pest Control specifically suggest:

  • Removing bedroom clutter where bed bugs can hide
  • Frequenting vacuuming dust and debris
  • Washing bed linens in hot water and heat-drying in a dryer
  • Sealing cracks and crevices behind light switches and plugs and along baseboards to eliminate hiding places

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