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“Bee” Informed About Stings

Southern California is known for fun in the sun all year round, with a temperate climate and lush greenery at all times. This great weather is always welcome, but can cause some unwelcome guests to stay around longer. Orange County pest control company, Surf City Pest Control knows that bees and wasps are active all year because of the climate in California and their knowledgeable experience says that while these insects seem like a pest, they are necessary to our biosphere. Because negative interactions can occur, it is important to know how to treat bee or wasp stings.


In general, bees and wasps are insects that only sting when they or their hive are threatened, so avoiding hives whenever possible is the ideal solution. But sometimes people get stung, which results in an instant burning pain followed by a welt and small white spot, pinpointing the puncture. Most stings are painless within a few hours, but about 10% experience an exaggerated reaction that can increase swelling and redness. Even this resolves itself after 5-10 days. A rare percentage of the population experience anaphylaxis (allergic reaction) and require medical treatment.


According to Los Angeles pest control experts at Surf City Pest Control, the best ways to avoid being stung include:

  • Trim vegetation near your home. Bees are particularly drawn to flowering plants and thick plant growths provide nesting places for wasps.
  • Over-seeding grassy areas for better coverage, makes sure that ground-nesting wasps don’t appear in your yard.
  • Keep garbage cans sealed and rinse sweet, sticky soda cans as these can attract both wasps and bees.


If you are stung, Long Beach pest control professionals suggest:

  • Immediately remove the stinger from the skin, as the venom sac attached can continually leak irritant for several seconds.
  • Clean the area with soap and cold water.
  • Apply a cold compact or ice. NSAIDs can help reduce swelling, as well as using an antihistamine and hydrocortisone ointment.
  • People should seek emergency medical assistance if they experience wheezing, dizziness, tongue and throat swelling, as these are typically signs of anaphylaxis.

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