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What Should I Do If I Am Bitten By A Black Widow?

A bite from the female black widow spider can kill a deer. The spiders live outdoors under rocks, ledges, plants, woodpiles and in old pipes. When it gets cold or there is not enough water, they move into sheds and garages. They are active at night and only bite in self-defense. Huntington Beach pest control experts can locate, identify and eliminate the spiders.

Symptoms from a bite include severe pain, headache, chills and itching. Someone may feel dizzy or weak and have trouble speaking and breathing. Blood pressure may rise, and the person may vomit. Muscle cramps may lead to paralysis. The area around the bite will look like a small bump. Newport Beach pest control can help keep people safe.

People may not realize a black widow spider bit them until 30 to 90 minutes later. Less than one percent will die from a black widow spider bite. That said, seek medical attention immediately. If the person bitten is a child, elderly or in poor health, the person may go into shock. A coma could follow, and the person could die. Pregnant women may miscarry. Newport Beach pest control can help prevent this from happening.

A black widow spider is identified by the red markings on its black body. If possible, locate the spider, kill it, bag it and bring it along to the medical center. A positive identification would be helpful. Effects from a black widow spider bite may be mistaken for a heart attack, and the medicine to counteract the venom from a black widow spider is specific.

On the way to the medical facility, apply ice to reduce swelling and pain. If someone was bitten on an extremity, close the bite with a compression bandage, not a tourniquet. Elevate the arm or leg. The venom should slow down between the bite and the person’s heart.

The symptoms are severe for two or three days, then those symptoms will start to ease. Muscle pain may last up to three weeks. Hospitalization for people under 16-years-old and over 60-years-old may be required. Huntington beach pest control has the knowledge, skills and products to control black widow spiders.

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