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Common Ants in Orange County Pest Control

When you have a home of your own the last thing that you want is insects making their nests in it. You don’t want all those nasty bugs climbing around in your walls and especially not through your kitchen. Well there are many different types of insects around that you always think of as pests like cockroaches and earwigs. But what about those insects you normally don’t think of like ants? Ants are generally seen outside and a lot of people don’t have problems with them. But in California there are several kinds of ants that you’ll definitely want Orange County pest control to take care of.

The most common ant species’ in California include the odorous house, argentine, pharaoh, carpenter, pavement, red imported fire, southern fire and thief ants. All of these can be found throughout California and they can be a nuisance for several different reasons. Each looks a little different and you may be able to tell them apart, which can help you in getting rid of them when they are discovered. Because once you know what type of pests they are, you’ll want to hire Orange County pest control immediately to make sure they’re gone.

Ants feed on sugary foods like syrup, honey, and fruit. If you’ve ever gone on a picnic you’ve probably experienced this firsthand because the ants love to join you and make a meal out of your watermelon and desserts. But when they are in your home, ants will seek out these foods as well. And where a few ants go, the entire colony will follow. So a few ants today could be twice as many the next day and twice that the next. The number you see will continue to grow.

Another problem with ants is that they burrow. That means that they tunnel under the ground and, in some cases, through things like wood. So ants can actually burrow their way into your home causing holes throughout the foundation and the structure. This causes your homes foundation to be weakened and can cause structural failures. So even those tiny ants can cause enormous damage to your home.

And last of all, any ant has the potential to bite. Most don’t do this however some have a painful bite and others are actually able to sting. That means that an ant, small as it is, could hurt you or your family if it gets in your home. Getting Orange County Pest control to your home to spray will help you to get rid of them quickly.

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