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Green Pest Control Products

Surf City Pest Control is always conscious about green and organic pest control methods. As the premier Huntington Beach pest control company, we take great pride in educating our friends about pest prevention and green methods. Here’s some valuable information on one of the latest and greatest eco-friendly pest prevention products on the market.



How is Bora-Care different?

Our Bora-Care treatment is a liquid spray that is applied to the foundation of a structure by our certified technicians. In previous years, the only available termite treatment available was to pump harsh liquid chemicals into the ground underneath the structure, but Bora-Care provides a more sustainable solution to treat new construction for termites. We treat the outside foundation, walls in crawlspaces or basements, studs, and cracks.


How does Bora-Care work?

Bora-Care is applied to all concrete, wood, steel, and other building materials. The active ingredients Boron and other minerals (collectively called a borate) work to liquefy the mud tubes termites live in causing them to disintegrate. Termites require these moist tunnels in order to leave the ground and ascend building structures. Any surface treated with Bora-Care will not hold the mud, so termites cannot build on them. Any previously build mud tunnels will disintegrate, killing the termites inside and discourage others from remaining there.


At Surf City Pest Control we utilize the safest and most effective treatments available. Our Orange County pest control services are always cutting edge and highly recommended. Click here or call us today at (714) 665-1947 for the best in Los Angeles pest control.

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