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There are numerous reasons why Surf City Pest Control is the best Huntington Beach pest control company around. Customers look for a local company that can offer expertise, dependability, reliability, and high-quality services. Customers have many options when choosing a Newport Beach pest control company, but Surf City consistently exceeds their customer’s expectations for several reasons.

First, Surf City pest control has a long history of providing excellent service to residents of Los Angeles, Orange County and many of the surrounding areas. This exceptional Huntington Beach pest control company is a third generation family-owned business that truly values the concept of old-fashioned customer service that simply keeps customers coming back for future services as well as spreading the word about the best Newport Beach pest control to their friends and family members.

Secondly, Surf City Pest Control values effectiveness and complete satisfaction so they only use the best products when treating their customer’s homes and businesses. These products are highly effective, but they carry a low level of toxins and are safe for the environment. Rest assured that household pets and children are always safe around the products that are used.

Lastly, Surf City Pest Control extends their customer services beyond simply treating the home. They provide customer education as well as offer great discounts to senior citizens and members of the military. One simply has to mention that they qualify for these discounts and the savings will be realized upon job completion. Customer education takes place when the trained professionals are at the home and they explain how infestations begin and how to avoid reoccurrence. Technicians are highly knowledgeable about prevention and they make sure that they transfer that knowledge to their customers before leaving their homes. Ideally, customers will gain the knowledge they need to avoid future pest control issues so they can focus on the things that are truly enjoyable in life.

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