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Los Angeles Pest Control After-Care Basics

So you’ve finally gotten rid of all those little insects that kept invading your home or business. You’ve used sprays or traps or Los Angeles pest control to help you get rid of everything from ants to cockroaches and maybe even larger pests. And now you’re completely done and you don’t ever have to worry about those bugs again right? Wrong. Pests can come back no matter how many times you think you’ve taken care of them unless you make sure you’re doing the right aftercare.

There are several things that you can do in order to make your home or business less attractive to less accessible to insects and other pests. The first thing that Los Angeles pest control experts will tell you, is to make sure they can’t get in. If you have cracks in your walls or foundation you want to make sure that you fix them right away. Even the smallest crack could be an easy way in for insects or even mice. Seal the cracks with a putty or caulk. Make sure it’s something that the insects can’t simply burrow through.

The next thing is to make sure the outside is less attractive. That means making sure that you don’t have garbage lying around outside and that your trash cans all have lids that fit snug. This ensures that nothing can get into the can and they won’t be able to get food. This leads into what you’re going to do on the inside of the building as well.

You want to keep all food hidden and covered. That means if you have some leftover snacks, make sure you seal them up in a container so pests can’t get to them. Keep as much as possible in the fridge or tightly sealed cupboards. And make sure everything is in sealed containers. When the pests can’t get in and they can’t get food, they’ll go somewhere else, and you’ll have fewer problems to deal with. Then you won’t have to worry about hiring Los Angeles pest control again.

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