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Masked Bandits: Raccoon Pest Control

Procyon lotor, or the North American raccoon can be found throughout the United States, Mexico, Central American, and Canada. This masked bandit is a medium-sized mammal, typically weighing between 10 and 30 pounds—a bit larger than a house cat. They are grayish brown, and characterized by a black masked face and a black ringed tail. As omnivores and opportunists, raccoons can thrive in and around human populations, often taking up residence in barns, sheds, garages, and attics. While, it is important to coexist peacefully with animals, they can cause countless problems when they move into your home or gardens.


At Surf City Pest Control, premier LA pest control company, we provide humane remove and prevention of raccoons and other rodents. Raccoons are very social creatures, so they often live in family groups—it is typical to find 4-6 raccoons living together in one space. We have professional equipment for trapping raccoons and have many years of experience that enable safe and comprehensive animal control. Homeowners should not attempt to remove the animals themselves. The most common mistakes we see made in raccoon removal include:

  • Waiting for the raccoon to leave and then sealing off the entrance. The problem with this is that raccoons usually take up shelter inside of buildings to make a den for their young. If you seal off the entrance with unknown, helpless young inside and they die, then you have a new problem—dead rodent removal. Live animals are always easier to work with, plus you’ll probably end up paying more than if you had just called a professional in the first place.
  • Smoking the raccoon out of the chimney. Raccoons will often nest in chimneys have their young there. When a homeowner tries to light and fire and smoke the animals out, you have the same problem—dead rodent removal. Even if the parent leaves the house, there is probably still young trapped and now dead left in the chimney. The dead rodents smell up your house and breed maggots. So, again, it is always recommended to call a professional first.


If you suspect a raccoon and its family are living on your property or you find missing pet food, tipped over garbage cans, upset outdoor pets, or other signs, then call the professional Orange County pest control experts at Surf City Pest Control. Click here or call us today at (714) 655-1947 for a FREE pest evaluation today.

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