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Signs of a Cockroach Invasion in Your Home

Cockroaches don’t come out to feed until dark, so an invasion might not be readily recognizable. Roaches need three things to maintain life: heat, moisture, and food. Hence, they, and their tell-tale signs, will likely be found in places with water like bathrooms and kitchens. They are flat and can hide in wallpaper, cracks in walls, underneath appliances and beneath sinks. Only in the event of an all-out invasion will cockroaches require Huntington Beach control.

Everything has to go, so the first sign of a cockroach invasion in your home will be black specks resembling black pepper. Larger roaches expel nuggets like rabbits do. The most common infestation, however, will be the ordinary brown cockroach. Their droppings will be found in dark spots behind appliances, beneath sinks, in dark spaces like the pantry and in corners of kitchen counters.

Another sign of infestation is small clear shell casings. These are the chambers in which the eggs are carried. The shedding of the shell casings means baby roaches have hatched and the homeowner needs serious pest control. The more casings found, the more baby roaches are roaming about. These, too, will be found in the dark spots listed above, although they can appear anywhere.

The last sign of a cockroach infestation is an unpleasant odor. Some brands of bug emit an odor. They do this as recognition of family and to attract the opposite sex. Yes, bugs do that, too. This odor is musty, as if a room has been shut off for a long time. It can cling to food left out or to dishes and pans, hence, it will be strongest in the kitchen and bathroom.

Examining a home after dark will tell homeowners much about an infestation. It is rare to see them in daylight, but if the infestation is serious, they will appear. If the feces, shell casings and odor are present, Long Beach pest control will be the homeowner’s best bet. The pest control professionals will have traps and other means of eradicating pests perhaps without chemical treatment in the case of children and pets.

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