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Silverfish 101

Although they are not harmful to humans or animals, silverfish are pesky insects that feast on paper, flour, sugar, grains, and fabrics. They rarely cause damage to buildings or objects, but their presence can quickly develop from a few to a full-blown infestation.


Silverfish are commonly found in damp places such as basements, laundry rooms and bathrooms. They are characterized by their long, flat bodies with long, thin antennae protruding from their heads. Nocturnal by nature, silverfish move quickly and will find new hiding places if they are disturbed. Our Newport pest control professionals are aware of many options to effectively treat an infestation of silverfish in your home. Surf City Pest Control associates recommend sticky traps in order to initially identify the scope of the pest problem. If only a few silverfish are captured, continued use of sticky traps should eliminate the problem. If, however, many are captured in one area, usually a good indicator of a colony, then other measures should be taken. According to our Los Angeles pest control experts, silverfish are attracted to damp areas, so repairing moisture leaks and using a dehumidifier to dry the air stop more silverfish from entering and encourage the current ones to leave. Sanitation alone will not remove the pest, but it is always counted as an excellent preventative measure.


In extreme cases, our Long Beach pest control authorities will be able to remove the infestation via chemical means. Chemical options include boric acid and silicon dioxide, both of which can be found at a hardware store, but professional application is always encouraged for safety reasons. Always be sure to keep children and pets away from exposed areas.


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