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Termites 101

At Surf City Pest Control, our Huntington Beach pest control company handles all types of pests from bees and wasps, to raccoons and mice. Termites are one of the many pests that we seen in California homes as well. Here are some interesting facts about termites to help you better understand the invader and possibly help you ward them off.


They are not just underground.

Most colonies of termites build their nests underground and navigate through subterranean tunnels. But there are some species that do their foraging above ground, which allows them to spread quickly and easily if left unchecked.


They are always hungry.

Termites consume every day, all day. They can eat through the equivalent of one cup of sawdust in two hours. Just imagine the damage they can do when ignored.


They are social insects.

Termite nests are not made of just a few individuals, but millions of individual insects. They are social insects that work in a swarm, interacting as a single unit. The needs of the group always take precedence over the individual.


They are specialized.

Termite colonies are divided into specialized jobs to help the colony grow. A typical colony consists of workers, soldiers, nymphs, and reproductive individuals. They also have a primary queen and king who mate for life. They can also have winged reproductive individuals that can leave to start their own colonies.



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