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How to Treat Bugs Behind the Siding

Among the many benefits that siding can offer a home, one of the best is protection from the weather and the invasion of pests. However, there are several common pests that can occasionally get behind your siding and begin to cause a problem for the home. Wasps, beetles and ants are a few of the most common pests that can be found behind your siding. Unfortunately, when they are left untreated, they can lead to costly structural damage. If you are concerned about bugs behind your siding, then here are the best methods to identify and treat common pests.


Identifying a Problem

Bugs hiding behind your siding can be difficult to see. However, Huntington beach control experts recommend examining your siding for signs of an insect invasion. During warmer weather, you may see the actual insects crawling behind the cracks in your siding. You may also notice staining, nests or waste that has been left behind by the insects. Tapping on the siding can also cause the insects to come out of hiding. Once you have identified a problem, it is important to contact a pest control expert who can determine how serious the pest infestation is behind the siding along with the best method for treatment.


Treatment Methods

There are several different methods that Long Beach pest control professionals will use to treat your home. Although there are many different types of sprays and fogs available on the market for home use, these are often ineffective if used on the wrong type of pest. Therefore, you will need to rely upon a professional to use the correct treatment method for your specific issue. Once your pest control professional has arrived at your home, they will identify the type of pests behind your siding and inspect your home’s exterior to locate any cracks or holes that may serve as an entrance. Then, they will treat these areas to eliminate your pest problem.


After you have had your pest control problem treated, it may be recommended to have a regularly scheduled pest inspection several times a year to prevent pest from returning. When combined with preventative methods, regular treatments from Surf City Pest Control will eliminate pests behind your siding so that your home’s structure can be preserved.


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