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Yellowjackets 101

At Surf City Pest Control, one of the most common pest complaints we get is for yellowjacket, wasps, and hornet infestations. They love the sun, water, and flowers that occur all over Southern California. Our Newport Beach pest control company wants to let our customers and readers understanding the unique yellowjacket in order to control them on your property and reduce the likelihood of stings.


What do they look like?

Yellowjackets obviously get their name from their typical black and yellow bands across their abdomens. They are primarily flying insects that are segmented with a very small “waist.” While most species exhibit yellow and black, some can also have white or red markings.


Yellowjackets share many similar characteristics with wasps and hornets, but they can vary greatly in their level of aggressiveness and their habits. Before attempting any type of control it is important to properly identify the type of stinging insect in your home or garden.


Where do they live?

There are about 16 different species of yellowjacket in the U.S. but they can be found worldwide. They are a social insect that lives in colonies with a queen at the center. Depending on the species they can live either in an aerial site or underground with nests made of paper-like cellulose bulbs, typically attached to bushes, trees, or under the eaves of homes.


What do they eat?

Like their flying insect relatives, adult yellowjackets primarily feed on sugary substances like nectar and fruit. But larva yellowjackets consume protein, which makes them unique. Worker insects bring back different kinds of meat as food for the larvae. Most homeowners consider yellowjackets to be a pest, but their diet makes them an important part of garden pest control.


Why do they attack?

Yellowjackets are usually slow to sting, but they are very territorial. If their nest is approached, they will become aggressive. They can inflict several very painful stings. Their venom can cause allergic reactions and even hypersensitivity to yellowjacket venom in the future.


It is very important to call a professional LA pest control company to remove yellowjackets and their nest from your property. The experts at Surf City Pest Control use special equipment and safety precautions to effectively remove a yellowjacket threat. Click here or call us today at (714) 655-1947 to schedule a consultation.

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